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On-demand 30+ mins of private lessons with native speakers.

Lessons tailored to your goals

Business English, General English, Conversation practice 

IELTS & TOEFL Speaking practice 

Choose your own tutor that has the personality, experience, or skills that you need!

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Online classes with excellent tutors!

GSCE subjects


Study Business English

Our Business English program is designed to meet the specific needs of professionals who want to enhance their English language skills for the workplace. The curriculum covers a wide range of business-related topics, including presentations, negotiations, meetings, networking, email correspondence, and more

Practical language application, Cross-cultural communication, Interactive learning environment & more.


Levels: Basic, Intermediate & Advanced

What Our Students and Parents Say

The tutor was knowledgeable, patient, and tailored their teaching to my child's needs. My child's grades improved significantly. Highly recommend.

Deena L.
IELTS student

The quality of the tutors has been superb for all my children. They are a very efficient organisation to work with and I have been very impressed.

Thomas S. 

GCSE Maths Parent.

Our tutor was great at quickly identifying areas to work on with our children. She even managed to keep our rather challenging 14-year-old on track.

Joanna M.

GCSE English Parent.

With the right tutor, great things can happen.

Cognition Tuition Centre provides private 1:1 classes to children and adults. We provide tailored and comprehensive learning support to our students.


Our students are encouraged to develop their language skills, and exam skills, to strive towards meaningful goals and support them with the challenges.

Check out our services to find the right classes for you!

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